Now more than ever women (more than 47% in fact), are looking to create an additional income stream around their family, their studies or their job. Why? Because for most people, they are in a situation where their income or hours are capped, or they want to find a way to stay at home with their babes and do mum care instead of day care. Or for the free spirits out there, they want to be able to create an income that isn’t location dependent, so they can travel till their hearts content and earn an income at the same time.

- You love helping people, but aren’t sure how or where to get started.
- You would love to create an extra income stream on top of your job, around your family and being a super mama, to create a travel fund, or to be able to say yes to more of what matters to you.
- You are a goal getter and want to be a part of a community where women raise each other up, instead of competing with each other.
- You want to step into your own business, but don’t have a mentor to guide you on the how to and in creating success.
- You want to find your tribe and be surrounded by those supporting you in the pursuit of your masterpiece life.
- You want to take control of your future and are ready to grow.

Since 2014, we have been mentoring women how to build their own side hustle, whether it be for a few extra hundred dollars a month to cover some bills or pay off debt, to build a travel, investment or savings fund, to be able to give back to those who matter most to you, or to replace or surpass a part or full time income. All of this and more is absolutely achievable, if you are teachable, committed and focused on your goals and helping others to achieve theirs.

If this is getting you thinking about the new possibilities you can create in your life, then lets chat more. You can begin by joining our Empowered Womens Project Community, or just click the learn more button below and fill in your details and schedule a time with me to see how we can help you reach your goals.