Parenting is such a ride. Whether you are thinking about starting a family, feeling the kicks of your little one inside your belly, juggling cooking dinner and your toddler at your ankles or guiding your kids through life, bullying, home work or home schooling, I believe we are all trying to do our very best.

After working in the wellness industry for 8 years before becoming pregnant with our first babe, I saw first hand the confusion and conflicting advice so many parents were given on how to embrace pregnancy, how parent, what to feed their kids, how to disciline them..... the list goes on.

In the name of research, I have spoon fed my little ones while mouthing like a groper fish. I have buried my head in scientific literature, worked alongside incredible midwives who have helped deliver thousands of babies, and let my instincts guide me. Giving myself freedom has allowed my children to follow their own intuition. I see happy, healthy thriving children and I feel blessed and love being able to pass this wisdom on to others.

To learn more about how you can raise your family well, no matter what stage of life you are in, you can purchase a copy of my book and also dive into my blog, filled with lots of resources for you and your family.


Seeing the constant worry and fear in new parents, and frustration in those uncertain in their choices, being swayed by well meaning friends and relatives into decisions that didn't align with their values, I felt compelled to become empowered and write a book on my journey, so that I might be able to pass some of that knowledge and reassurance on to other families.

The title of my book is 'Raising Healthy Families In Unhealthy Times' and I am proud to say, it has helped guide thousands of parents on their journey of raising their family well. Pre-Conception, healthy pregnancy, birthing options, home birthing, midwives, breast feeding, recovery from birth, nutrition, maintaining relationships, first foods, juggling more than one child, dealing with overwhelm, you name it... its in there.