One of the hardest conversations I have had to have as a parent so far…

There are no guide books when it comes how to navigate your way through parenting. I am constantly amazed by my kids, but this moment and the way our son handled the news we had to share with him was awe inspiring.

It feels like it has taken me 30+ years to understand that in life, it’s not what happens to us, but the story that we tell ourselves about what happened that counts. I have seen friends and family, and myself hang onto stories from things that happened in the past, that have helped to hold us back from moving forward.

As parents, we are always trying our best, and Anthony and I do what we can to communicate to our kids in ways that they see the bigger picture when not so great things happen. If you are on your journey as a parent, or plan to become a parent in the future, then I hope that my lessons during this time, help you in some small way as you navigate your way through guiding your babes.

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