Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side Of Consistency

Oooooh. This statement kind of stings right! I know it does for me.

But I can hear you already saying and justifying in your head. Nahhhhh that’s not right.

Don’t worry, I thought that too! Then I realised that was just my self sabotage kicking in, so I thought I had better speak more into it on the latest episode of my podcast.

Think about it! Your health and wellbeing goals…. You need to be consistent to achieve them.
Your financial goals…. You need to be consistent to achieve them.
Your relationship goals, to either keep the spark, or attract the right partner …. Its definitely not a one hit wonder… you have to be consistent. Creating and working on your goals and dreams…. You guessed it, you have to be consistent! Amazing friendships….yup consistency is key!

The thing is….. many of us are really good at being consistent, but consistent in the things that are taking us further away from our dream life. Consistently watching netflix, consistently avoiding tough conversations, causing more stress in our life, consistently complaining instead of changing our mindset, consistently going to the fridge instead of the gym, consistently spending online instead of saving. Any of these resonate?

So, the good news is, the power to be consistent is already within you!! Yay!! It’s just time now for you to redirect your focus towards things that will serve you and the life you want to create and decide how bad you want it!

So…. I would love to know, what is something that you are going to choose to become more consistent in from today forward? And what is something you have struggled with being consistent in the past that you would really love to conquer.

What I have discovered, is that for many people struggling with a lack of consistency in an area of life, it is often connected to the questions they are asking themselves on a daily basis (and to be real….. many of the questions we ask and say internally are just downright mean!!!)

In this episode of my podcast, I walk you through the quality questions that you can be filling your day with, to shift your focus and improve your choices that you are making on a daily.

So chin up girl!!  It’s time to make some changes, but that is exciting!! You’ve totally got this!!

xxx Kate

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