Are You Doing More To Impress Others Than You Do For Yourself?

Have you found yourself rushing around to get everything ready to ‘impress’ someone? Or putting off using something until a ‘special’ occasion? If that sounds like you, then you are going to love this latest episode of my podcast as we get real on what it really means….

We have all had that moment when someone says ‘we will be by in an hour’ and you have that moment of ahhhhhhhhhhh….there is so much to do to get ready (as we throw a bunch of crap in a room and close the door) . This week I had that in a big way, but also had some major realisations along too.

Realisations about how often we will do more for others than we will ourselves and also, how many of us can be living life saving certain things for a ‘special’ occasion, rather than recognising that every day is a special occasion.

I’m curious to learn how others feel. Are you showing up more for others? Are you doing more for others than yourself? Do you have a list of things you would love to do, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet? But, if you had 3 hours to get it all done you could.

We humans are funny creatures and it always intrigues me as to what makes us tick, what moves and inspires us and what gets us into action.

You can join the conversation here in our Empowered Womens Project Community.

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