Once you get to know me, you will come to realise that I'm more comfortable barefoot on the beach, or at my parents farm, than in front of a camera.

I'm a farm girl at heart, an animal and nature lover, and have always had a deep desire to seek the truth and to help others live their best life.

My motto that I live by is 'an imperfect plan today, is better than a perfect plan tomorrow'. So I guess you could say, I'm a bit of a go getter, an action taker, I make things happen, whether I have knowledge or experience in doing something, if it's important, I surround myself with people who can show me the way.

I birthed my 3 children at home naturally, I have owned and run wellness centres, detox programs, I'm a health nut, a microscopist, a colon hydrotherapist (more about that later) an author & speaker, executive producer of a world renown health documentary and I have coached and mentored women and entrepreneurs how to create additional income by increasing their impact and sharing their message with the world.

Raising Healthy Families is a huge passion of mine, and after guiding hundreds of clients over the years, I knew I had to compile everything that I had learnt from my mentors, into one place so that more like minded families could benefit.

No, I'm not some movie making guru, it kind of all just fell into place. The right people at the right time with the right message.
The next thing we knew, our documentary was voted in the Top Most Influential Health Documentaries of all time.

Our online holistic program Tribal Wellness has helped thousands of families around the world on their health & wellness journey.
We live in a world where we are overfed and undernourished, and we love helping people take their power back and make healthy simple.
After helping over 20,000 families since 2014, we must be doing something right.

Our community provides support for women to set goals, get healthier, learn how to share their message on social media, become business savvy and is a community of women raising each other up.
We are always looking to link arms with like minded women, wanting to create more out of life.





We are always looking for ways to learn, grow and improve, so we can become the best version of ourselves.
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