Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side Of Consistency

Oooooh. This statement kind of stings right! I know it does for me. But I can hear you already saying and justifying in your head. Nahhhhh that’s not right. Don’t worry, I thought that too! Then I realised that was just my self sabotage kicking in, so I thought I had better speak more into […]

Dream Building, Mastering Your Time, Mindset

Have you found yourself rushing around to get everything ready to ‘impress’ someone? Or putting off using something until a ‘special’ occasion? If that sounds like you, then you are going to love this latest episode of my podcast as we get real on what it really means…. We have all had that moment when […]

Mastering Your Time, Mindset, Podcast

Are You Doing More To Impress Others Than You Do For Yourself?